Adelaide Advertiser — March 8, 2015

Aboriginal Comedy Allstars
Comedy *****
Tuxedo Cat — Cusack Theatre, March 8

Any qualms about whether non-indigenous people would be able to laugh at the content in Aboriginal Comedy Allstars are quickly quashed.

Host Kevin Kropinyeri is swift off the mark to tell us “white fellas” that we can laugh away, and that we do.

This show is hilarious. Belly aching, cheek hurting, hilarious.

Featuring three indigenous comedians, Kropinyeri, young talent Matt Ford and the suave Andy Saunders, these three men know how to put on a show.

Together the comedians tackle stereotypes, frustrations, general observations and aren’t afraid to poke fun at their own culture.

Kropinyeri is the standout, the man is plain funny and doesn’t hold back, even with his facials and body movement.

See it, see it, see it.

Rip It Up Adelaide — March 5, 2015

4 stars
Tuxedo Cat — Cusack Theatre, March 5, 2015

Aboriginal Comedy Allstars features the comic stylings of Kevin Kropinyeri, Matt Ford, and Andy Saunders. These three are from all over Australia, and though the show remains deadly throughout, their sets remain distinct with their personalities shining through clearly.

Kropinyeri served as an MC of sorts, opening the show and giving introductions to the other performers. He got the crowd excited in half a second, and set the bar high for the rest of the show. His conversational tone also helped, giving the show an easy, relaxed vibe.

Matt Ford’s set was a shift in tone, largely because at 21 he was so much younger than the other comedians. While the topics were fairly routine – going out, relationships in your early 20s, the friendzone – the perspective he offered on them was refreshing. Despite his age and  short stature (another topic in his set) he commanded the stage like an absolute pro, and was funnier than much bigger names.

Andy Saunders closed the show, and though he fell somewhere in between the other two performers in terms of age his comedy was much more out there. As well as traditional standup he beatboxed and did impersonations, and maintained across all of these elements a high level of skill.

Aboriginal Comedy Allstars showcases three of the best comedians I’ve seen this Fringe. Their work was refreshing and hilarious, and the show was overall even greater than the sum of their parts. Kropinyeri, Ford, and Saunders were all outstanding and their routines were polished without feeling overworked.

InDaily — March 6, 2015

There is not much to say about this original Aussie comedy performance other than it is gut-busting, laugh-out-loud, top-shelf Fringe entertainment.

I was not sure what to expect as we ventured to Tuxedo Cat to see the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars, but what transpired were the hilarious and contemporary observations of three very talented Aboriginal comedians on their life, frustrations and unique experiences of modern Australia.

The show kicked off with larger-than-life MC Kevin Kropinyeri – the funniest comedian I’ve seen. His use of facial expressions and body language alone are worth the price of the ticket. Forget all your politeness and political correctness, Kropinyeri destroys it with seat-squirming hilarity. There are plenty of OMG moments, especially for the “whitefellas” in the audience.

Just when you think you can’t take any more, Matt Ford enters the stage. Young, urban, laidback and self-depreciating, Ford meanders gently through dilemmas in his life before delivering the killer lines. A stylish performance that creeps up your funny bone.]

To the delight of the audience, Kropinyeri keeps going in between acts and just gets better, the highlight being an impersonation of his three-year-old son doing a “guna”.

Andy Saunders, star of ABC show WhiteBlackAtcha, finished the night with a smooth, quirky and very funny routine. This man has attitude and many voices, including some cool beat box. He debunks some of the misconceptions about Aboriginal people and culture with disarming wit and charm.

If you want to finish the Fringe with a bang, Aboriginal Comedy Allstars will leave you laughing until next year. A must-see.